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Bullswool Birthdays

Bullswool Farm birthday parties are awesome! Easy, relaxed, and great fun for adults and kids alike.

Enjoy your party in a beautiful setting, with great facilities, and with plenty to keep children of all ages entertained.

Bullswool Farm Birthday parties offer excellent value for money, and a special and unforgettable celebration for the birthday child and all of your guests.

Basic Birthday Packages:

  • Entry for 12 people
  • Animal food for every child
  • Additional people $10 each

All for $130


Booking Form

Birthday child's name
Birthday being celebrated
Day wishing to book party
Appr. start time
Approx. number of guests

Comments or questions



What do we do if it rains? The farm is an outdoor activity, so there isn’t much we can do if the weather doesn’t cooperate with party plans. However, our motto is “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes!” and many of our visitors have still had a wonderful time here on damp days when they’ve come well-prepared.

An advantage of booking the Birthday Room is that it does provide a warm and dry area to continue your celebrations if the weather turns.

How long can we stay? Birthdays usually last around 3 hours, but how long you stay here is up to you.

How long do we need to book before we plan to hold the Birthday? If you want to use the Birthday Room, we suggest you book at least a week before. Otherwise, short notice is fine!

What if we need to cancel? That’s fine, we don’t charge a penalty fee. We do really appreciate it if you let us know though :-)

Will it be suitable for my child’s age group? Kids of all ages enjoy the Farm Park.

Is there somewhere outside we can have our Birthday Party Picnic? There’s several picnic areas you can choose from.

Do you people provide human food? Very sorry, no.

Can we come and check out the farm and facilities before we book? Yes! You’re very welcome to pop in during our opening hours and see what we offer here.

I have some other question/need that you haven't addressed...
Call 07 862 8843, or email us, we're happy to answer any other questions you may have.

How to have a happy and fun Birthday Party at Bullswool Farm:

* Children must be under the supervision of adults at all times.

*Some of the children in your group may be unused to animals, and how to behave around them. Please encourage all guests to understand that animals are living things, and need to be treated with respect and care.

*We have NEVER had to cancel a birthday party, but are prepared to do so if inadequately supervised children’s behaviour is likely to endanger our animals or themselves.



Bullswool Birthdays

Picnic Area - click to zoom in

Costume Hire for Children
So much fun!

birthday party at Bullswool Farm Karangahake NZ



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