Covid19 Protocols

We are required to ask for vaccine passes for entry to Bullswool Farm while our region is at Orange in the traffic light system.

We fall under the outdoor category within the Framework:

This is the wording that applies to our business:

“Service on premises is limited to gatherings (private groups where attendees are known to each other) and restricted to up to 50 people in a defined space.”

Under this framework, if we weren’t to use vaccine passports at Orange Level, we could only offer Birthday Parties, and small school groups.  We would have to turn away all small groups of private visitors; vaccinated and unvaccinated.

These are challenging times for us all, but are especially challenging for small business owners.  Most of us are simply trying to comply with the law, and remain in business. Sending us abusive messages, trolling our facebook pages, and telling us that we should ignore a public health mandate is unhelpful.  The online and in-person abuse that many in our sector have received has been horrendous. In an industry that has been especially hit by the economic impact of covid, we are concerned that this barrage of hurtful attacks will tip someone who is already struggling over the edge.

If you have chosen not to be vaccinated, that is your choice. If you disagree with Vaccine Passports, that is your opinion. Harassing those of us who have absolutely no control over the rules doesn't make you a fighter for truth and freedom. It just makes you a bit of a jerk.


Sue, Tony & the Kids


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