Bullswool & Barbed Wire,
by Keith Austen

Bullswool & Barbed wire is a book of humorous poems inspired by rural life. Set in the 1950s, this collection has been immensely popular since its first publication, and is always being reprinted.

Curl up on a comfy chair in Bullswool Heritage Farm's garden, and be charmed by the stories New Zealand's rural past... read or listen to recordings of poems written by Bullswool Heritage Farm's owner, Keith Austen.

Hear how "The Bludger" got his comeuppance in "The Bludger and the Shearing Gang"; how the course of true love does not run smooth in "The Brief Courtship of Samual Phipps" and of the powerful bond between farmers and their animals in "Fred" and "Old Snap".

Keith's popular collection of humorous poems have been featured on TVNZ's Country Calendar, Pacific Radio, Radio NZ and Prime TV. His book "Bullswool and Barbed Wire", includes delightful illustrations by Malcolm Evans, of Edna fame, New Zealand's Cartoonist of the year in 1999.

Click on the audio file below to hear excerpts from the"Bullswool & Barbed Wire" CD.

Keith's books and CD are available at the farm's shop. To order by email contact us (email orders include $2.50 postage and packaging)

Bullswool and Barbed Wire - $22.00
More Bullswool and Barbed Wire - $22.00
Bullswool and Barbed Wire CD - $22.00


Keith, known locally as 'The Bard of Paeroa' has always penned humorous poems inspired by his love of rural life. The growing collection was turned into a book in 2000, "Bullswool and Barbed Wire".

This was followed by "More Bullswool and Barbed Wire", and Keith appearing in numerous TV and Radio broadcasts. Read more

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