Facilities and FAQs


  • Visits to the farm usually last for approximately 3 hours
  • We have several picnic areas available for the use of visitors. Visitors are welcome to bring their own food on site.  We have drinks and icecreams for sale, but no cafe.
  • The Farm is an open air attraction.  Other than our Museums, there are no covered areas.
  • There is a mixture of terrain. It goes from flat, to rolling to quite steep.  Able bodied people of average fitness have no problem getting around the farm.
  • The Farm Park is pram-friendly. Our Bush Reserve track has lots of stairs, so is unsuitable for prams.
  • We two toilets available for visitors, one is a disabled toilet, and also has baby change facilities.


Can I bring my dog?
Sorry, dogs are not allowed on the Farm, and must stay in your car for the duration of your visit.  Please let staff know if a parking spot with shade is needed for your dog.

Is the farm wheelchair friendly?
We have lots of wheelchair users visit, and get good feedback about their experience. Our main animal area is accessible. However, the amount of mobility depends quite a bit on the wheelchair (motorized ones usually can make it up to our lookout, whereas pushed ones usually can't, unless there's a fair bit of strength available.)

Do I have to pay for my Nana who is on a walker?
There is no charge for visitors with very limited mobility.

Will my 18 Month Old/Teenager/Hipster Uncle enjoy the farm?
The farm has a lot to see and do, and generally there's something for everyone.  If you are the sort of person who would enjoy visiting a zoo or museum, then chances are you'd love your day at Bullswool.