Play Paddock

Bullswool Farm Park Karangahake

Enjoy good old-fashioned fun in our amazing Play Paddock!

Imagination, creativity and fun all converge in our amazing Play Paddock. Designed and built by award-winning sculptor Tony Howse, the Play Paddock is an unforgettable part of every child's visit to Bullswool Farm.


Some of what is offered in our Play Paddock...

- Hunting Hut
- Kids-scale Digger, Truck and Petrol Pump
- Rocketship
- Band Stage
- Fun Cart Track
- Humpty-Bump Track
- The Kai Moana, fishing ship
- Helicopter
- Big Hills & Thrills Balance Bike Track (for children 8-12 years)
- Little Hills & Thrills Balance Bike Track (for children 2-7 years)


Bullswool Farm Park Karangahake

Comments from our Visitor Book:

“Welcoming, well set out, and animals all in top nick and happy. Thank you.”         

Annette Arundel

“A wonderful variety of animals and good info. We have taken our children to lots of farm and animal parks in both Europe and Australia, and this is the best we’ve seen.”

The Kirbys

"Our visits here are the most fun we have with our grandchildren."   

Francis Mancini

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever… Thanks a million.”

Bev and Adrian Ticha

“Lovely haven. Such lovely people. Thanks for the great day.”

Fran Mills

“The most delightful place. Well worth our visit.”

Linda and Peter Scott

“Absolutely fabulous place. Will be back.”

Kent Suasua

“A memorable afternoon. Animals always leave an impression on my heart.”

Vicky Brimblecomb

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